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Spice Paradise sells a variety of Indian spices, curries, nuts, grains, teas and other high quality products.

Chicken masala
Chicken curry masala
Duck curry masala
Egg curry masala
Fish masala
Fish curry masala
Flavour masala
Garam masala
Meat masala
Mix fruit curry masala
Mixed vegetable curry masala
Mutton curry masala
Omelette masala
Potato masala
Rice masala for biryani
South Indian curry masala
South vegetable curry masala
Sweet saffron rice masala
Tandoori curry masala
Tandoori chicken masala
Vegetable masala
Vegetable curry masala
Yogurt masala / raita masala

Nuts and Grains
Cashew nuts

We supply only the highest quality Kashmiri saffron.

Aniseeds (sweet / natural)
Asafoetida (hing)
Black pepper
Black salt
Cardamom (green, black and seeds)
Caraway seeds
Chilli (red chilli powder)
Cinnamon (sticks and powder)
Coriander seeds / powder
Cumin seeds
Curry leaves
Dry ginger (unground and powder)
Fenugreek (seeds and powder)
Fruit spice
Garlic powder
Henna powder
Lime powder
Mango (dried pieces, powder)
Mint leaves
Mustard seeds
Pickle spice – green chilli
Pickle spice – lemon
Pickle spice – mango
Pomegranate seeds
Special cumin
Star anise
Tea spice for chai
Turmeric powder
White pepper

Special Spices
For hot wine
For influenza and cold

Special Teas
Assam tea
Blended tea
Chocolate tea
Cinnamon tea
Darjeeling tea
Ginger tea
Green tea (antioxidant)
Kashmiri kawa
Kof tea (cold and cough relief)
Lana tea (constipation)
Mango tea
Mint tea
Rose tea
Sleep tea (natural relaxant)
Stress tea (anti stress)
Vanilla tea

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